Monday, February 18, 2008

American Idol - Who's the Top 24?

Some thoughts on the Top 24...

The Boys

  • David Archuleta - David seems like an early favorite. He's cute, likable, recovering from vocal paralysis. He's got the teen idol appeal of Sanjaya, but with talent.
  • Colton Berry - I don't think we saw any of Colton's singing other than a quick clip after he was brought into the verdict room with Kyle Ensley for the final elimination. Fans may hold it against him that he was picked over that lovable nerd.
  • Robbie Carrico - Robbie is a ringer - he used to be in the boy band Boyz N Girls United and dated Britney Spears. Something about his looks reminds me of Rico Suave, and that's not a good thing.
  • Jason Castro -No exposure
  • David Cook - I like David. He's a rocker who belted "Living on a Prayer" in his first audition.
  • David Hernandez - I don't remember seeing David's first audition, but his Hollywood week version of "Love the One You're With" showed originality and flair.
  • Chikezie Eze - Chikezie is likable. I like that his name rhymes. That's about all we know so far.
  • Garrett Haley- No exposure - but he has a Leif Garrett vibe.
  • Michael Johns - Michael is definitely a front runner. He's a strapping Aussie hunk with a great voice. If he can avoid Paula's hot tub, he should go far.
  • Luke Menard - No exposure
  • Danny Noriega - Danny shows definite promise. He's got tween idol appeal (tweens won't realize he's gay) and actually has a really good voice, too.
  • Jason Yeager - No exposure

The Girls
  • Joanne Borgella - I'm really glad Joanne made it. Every season needs a Mandisa or a Lakisha.
  • Kristy Lee Cook - Kristy had a knockout first audition and a lot of personality, living in a log cabin, kickboxing, and whatnot. Then it was revealed she's had some background in the biz and once worked with LeAnn Rimes producer, so this puts her in the ringer category.
  • Amy Davis - Amy sang "Blue Bayou" in her first audition and told us she was "lower than lower middle class."
  • Asia'H Epperson - Asia'H strikes me as a front runner. She's pretty, has a good voice, and a sad backstory - her dad died the day before her first audition but she carried on and dedicated her performance to him.
  • Alexandrea Lushington - She auditioned in an army outfit with her 93-year-old grandma cheering her on - seems likable.
  • Ramiele Malubay - Ramiele is a cute Filipina and could be this year's Jasmine Trias.
  • Kady Malloy - I'm looking forward to Kady's performances. She amused us in the audition round with her vocal impressions.
  • Syesha Mercado - Syesha's attractive with a buoyant personality and a good sob story - her dad recently graduated from rehab. She also overcame losing her voice during Hollywood Week.
  • Amanda Overmyer - This rock and roll nurse is my favorite chick, which means she probably won't last long. Her Janis Joplin routine may get old fast if she doesn't show more range.
  • Carly Smithson - The biggest ringer of them all, Carly had an album under the name Carly Hennessey that bombed. See Nigel Lythgoe's statement on the controversy.
  • Alaina Whitaker - Alaina's a Carrie Underwood lookalike. Simon thought she was a bit arrogant in her first audition.
  • Brooke White - Some people seem to like this girl but she's too "gosh golly" for my taste.
Interestingly, we've had some exposure to all the female contestants but, to the best of my memory, there are 4 boys we haven't seen at all.

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Unknown said...

Idol Nut I love Davis Archeluta he has a great voice for being just 17. I like Syesha , Asia'h ,Ramiele and Alaina .