Monday, February 18, 2008

American Idol - Hollywood Week

3 more hours of Idol this week and still we haven't seen some of the Top 24 sing a note.

I have to say I really missed the group singing this time. It created some of the brightest moments (Chris Sligh and friends doin' the Bee Gees) and some of the biggest fights (Gina Glocksen having no sympathy for her lesser teammate). The elimination process this time was confusing. As best I could tell, everyone got to sing once, and they could play instruments if they so desired. Those who got 3 yes votes got a pass to the next round. The rest had another chance to sing for their survival. Eliminations were then done in groups and the field was cut from 164 to 64 (or thereabouts). Then everybody got to sing again with the band accompanying them, and the field was cut to 50. From there, the judges selected the Top 24 and put them through the usual hell of the day in the waiting room, the elevator ride of terror, the long walk to the judge's table, then the elevator ride of shame or joy depending on the verdict.

Josiah Leming generated the most Hollywood Week drama. After a strong initial performance, he had a breakdown when the band refused to play his new arrangement of "Stand By Me." Ever-patient vocal coach Deborah Byrd talked him down from the ledge, and Josiah took the stage, dismissed the band, and sang without accompaniment. The band made the right call, because Josiah's odd version didn't win him any fans among the judges, and his sassy comment about it taking guts for him to sing without the band put another nail in his coffin.

I think Josiah definitely has talent, but I'm glad the judges passed on him. I think he probably needs some psychiatric help, as evidenced by his choice to live in his car, Jesus complex, and nervous breakdowns. I don't think we need to watch him sob every week when things don't go his way, even if it does make good TV.

I'm also glad the judges passed on nerdy Kyle Ensley. What the world doesn't need now is another Kevin Covais.

There are a few contestants I'll miss: Brandon Green (quirky fingernail collector), Angela Martin (wedding singer with special needs child), Amy Flynn (chastity girl).

I think the early favorites are Michael Johns and David Archuletta.
David is a cute, likable kid with a strong voice - definite teen idol material. Michael's an Aussie hunk who delivered a great rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody" (not quite as good as Constantine's, but then I'm biased).

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