Thursday, February 28, 2008

American Idol - Nerdia's Take on the Top 20 (Guys and Gals)

I've gotten to where I could care less about two things: Judge fights and contestant indignation with Simon. She was a ignorant twit last night, but I don't even care what the singers have to say about it anymore.

Michael Johns
Love that he did Fleetwood Mac but he didn't pull it off for me. Which proves how good Lindsey Buckingham is to sing that song with such force and clarity.

Jason Castro
I thought he did this Bee Gees song very well. A friend of mine says he looks like John Travolta with Venice-Boardwalk-hair.

Luke Menard
The judges must be on crack. This was terrible.

Robbie Carrico
Get rid of that chain already. It's so forced. It was a good end but he's no Lou Graham.

Danny Noriega
I love this guy. I really do. He's got spunk. Good confident expressions. Not my favorite song, "Superstar" - it's kind of slow, pathetic and plodding. Plus Cher released it as a single and it went nowhere at the turn of the early 70s. Carpenters strike a home run with a more saccharine arrangement. I can't hold it against them.

David Hernandez
Good time was had by all I thought. Speaking of Cher, wouldn't it be funny if she covered this song?

Jason Yeager
Bad song choice but he looked like he was having fun and he sounded like a Doobie. Way better than last week. I liked his spastic dancing at the end.

Better than last week but it didn't light me on fire.

David Cook
My bf and I are actually rooting for this Kansas City rocker. He's better than Robbie, if an American Idol show can only afford one. But as with the chain prop, loose the back-pocket hankerchief.

David Archuletta
A great American television moment.

Carly Smithson
Bar singer.

Syesha Mercado
All style. Nice to look at but not one of my favorites.

Brooke White
Boring and what a gimmick to start at Simon the whole time she sang "You're So Vain." It was only his vanity that liked it.

Ramiele Malubay
I love her voice but can see how this disco song (my favorite, by the way) didn't showcase her voice well.

Kristy Lee Cook
I can't even remember this one.

Amanda Overmyer
Love that she dropped her Janis Joplin shtick for some solid Kansas but are these judges who would appreciate that?

Alaina Whitaker
This year is packed with too many generic blondes. This one was awful and boring. Olivia Newton John is no great singer, by the way. If you can't do better than ONJ, you shouldn't be on American Idol.

Alexandrea Lushington
Solid. Great. She made the band Chicago almost seem interesting to me.

Kady Malloy
Can I get a normal name in here soon? I would really like to see her Cher impression. But this performance was terrible. I need a new adjective for this season.

Asia'h Epperson
Beginning was terrible and she saved it somewhat. But I agree that the song was too big for her.

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