Monday, February 25, 2008

The Oscars - Live from the Ape Culture Red Carpet!

The Ape Culture Oscar Party was way more fun than the Governor's Ball! We presented some awards you may not have heard about, even if you stayed up til 1am watching E!'s post-Oscars coverage.

Best Theme Costume

The award goes to Bill and Heather as the
Knocked Up couple. Extra points for attention to detail not visible in this photo - E! logo on Heather's microphone and Bill's "Flesh of the Stars" T-shirt.

Most Ridiculous Costume

Shelby took this honor for her Sicko ensemble. "Should I cut here...or here?" - she moaned sorrowfully.

Best Formal Costume

I won! I won! Who was I wearing? Goodwill. Dress cost $8 and shoes cost $5. The boa was from my extensive personal boa collection.

Best Theme Food

This award went to Mary and John for their empanadas, AKA Sweeney Todd meat pies. Also-ran theme food items included:

Best Oscar Prognosticator

Christopher took the title with an impressive 16 out of 24! I got 12 right. My biggest mistake was picking Transformers for all the technical awards instead of Bourne Supremacy.

Thoughts on the Show

The show was short on surprises. I guess Marion Cotillard besting Julie Christie for Best Actress was really the only surprise of the night, other than the aforementioned technical awards.

We got really sick of the Enchanted songs - three was a bit much. We all cheered when the song from Once won, and we loved that John Stewart let Marketa Irglova come back out to deliver her awesome acceptance speech after the music cut her off on the first go-round.

I'm fine with Daniel Day Lewis winning, even if I don't think his performance was all that different from his work in Gangs of New York, but his speech was a little Tom-Hanksian in its floweriness.

I'm happy for the Coen Brothers. They rock, even if I didn't get the ending of No Country for Old Men.

How come Brad Renfro was left out of the death reel? Oversight or value judgment? Heath Ledger died from drugging and he was the death reel finale, so I think Brad should have been included too. If you don't think he's worthy, go rent Bully.

If I was voting...
  • Tom Wilkinson would have won Best Supporting Actor for the best portrayal of bipolar disorder I've seen on screen - shattering, visceral, and never hammy
  • Laura Linney would have won Best Actress and The Savages (my favorite movie of the year) would have at least been nominated for Best Picture
  • The Diving Bell and The Butterfly would have won Best Foreign Film (which it wasn't even nominated for) and Best Cinematography
  • I Met the Walrus and The Tonto Woman would have won the Short Subject categories
One more thing - was that Tilda Swinton or Ziggy Stardust?

More pics from the Ape Culture oscar party

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