Sunday, February 11, 2007

American Idol - Birmingham and LA Auditions

OK, I had fallen behind in my Idol viewing due to being on the road, but I got a chance to catch up this weekend. Here's my thoughts on the Birmingham and LA auditions.

Ones to Watch

  • Bernard Williams II - Showed impressive range in tackling "Rock With You", also has likabality.
  • Jamie Lynn Ward - She out-picklers Pickler. Not only does she have the cute blond southern looks, but her sob story is going to be tough to beat. "Well, I live with my granny and help her take care of my paralyzed daddy." Sounds very sweet until she goes on to reveal that her daddy shot himself after shooting his ex wife when he caught her cheating on him. Damn. The judges were speechless. "It's all right," Jamie Lynn, said, putting them at ease.
  • Chris Sligh - he looked like Jack Osbourne but sang like a less annoying Michael Bolton. Chris displayed true uniqueness and a great sense of humor, saying that he wanted to be on Idol so he could make David Hasselhoff cry. I'd say he's a lock for the Top 24 if he doesnt combust during Hollywood Week.
  • Alaina Alexander - Cute and likable, Alaina was about to give up the music biz and viewed Idol as her last chance. That hook may keep her around a while, although she doesn't seem very unique.
  • Brandon Rogers - A former back up singer for Anastacia and Christina Aguilera, Brandon definitely showed he has the voice and confidence to make it on his own. I expect he'll make the Top 24. He seems like a nice, genuine guy and his audition was one of the most self-assured of this season.
Best of the Worst
  • Margaret Fowler - aka Big Bird. She claimed to be 26 but eventually admitted to being 50. She resembled a fuzzy Sun in her yellow feathered get up. The midriff top left us gaping in awe.
  • Victoria Watson - She wasn't all that bad, but her extremely long hair and her mother's long hair were a bit creepy. I do have to say it looked suprisingly healthy, though.
  • Nichole Watson - Her mother now leads her support entourage, who were all clad in "Team Nichole" t-shirts, but Nichole revealed her mother had previously told her she "had no talent" when she first indicated she wanted to sing in a pageant. Alas, Nichole is not yet ready for the big time, but at least it seems her relationship with her mom has improved.
  • Martik Manoukian - aka "Eccentric." This dude got way too much airtime, but his panther impressions were bizarre.
  • Phuong Pham - her evil mother told her she wasn't pretty enough to be on Idol. Come on, she's way hotter than Scott "Big Baby" Savol! Phuong phailed though, lacking the pipes.
  • Cavett Carr and Darold Gray - "Sparkles" and her boyfriend were representin' Compton. Neither could sing, but Darold had a fab grill. I found myself wondering if Ms. Carr's parents had named her after Dick Cavett.
  • Eric Mueller - tried to sing like Ozzy but only demonstrated how talented Ozzy really is. Simon was amused because Eric had learned to sing using Paula's and Randy's instructional DVD.
Favorite Moment
  • Sherman Pore - He was 64 and mounted a petition campaign to be allowed to audition. He did this as a tribute to his wife who passed away from cancer just two days before the audition. And he revealed himself to have a lovely crooner's voice. I was choked up and so were Olivia and Paula. Even Simon had to be nice.

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