Sunday, February 11, 2007

American Idol - San Antonio and Best of the Rest

More catch thoughts on San Antonio and the misnamed Best of the Rest show...

Ones to Watch

  • Baylie Brown - She's cute, blond, young, sweet. As Simon said she had commercial written all over her. She even showed appealing stupidity by asking if that was a good thing. She clearly graduated from Pickler 101. You gotta love her hometown too - Krum, Texas!
  • Akron Watson - It took two songs to get him through, but I thought he had a very smooth voice and a lot of likability. Unfortunately, he was kicked off the show, allegedly due to a past marijuana conviction.
  • Tami Gosnell - A pedi-cab driver without much style, but a warm smile and good voice. I was surprised by how keen Simon was on her, given that she's a bit butch. But I'm interested to see what she'll do in Hollywood.
  • Paul Kim - He wants to prove that Asians can be pop stars, and he's cute with a good voice.
  • Ebony Jointer - She could have done without the car hop gimmick. This girl is tall, beautiful, confident, and possesses a terrific voice. I expect her to rocket into the Top 24, unless her car hop "friend" Ashley Cleland accidently skates over her throat.
  • Lakisha Jones - Her physique and gospel voice draw obvious comparisons to Mandisa. She seems sweet and as a baby mama will likely win viewer sympathy.

Best of the Worst
  • Bryan Kyrish - scary attempt at rocking out, but at least he broke out one of my all time favorites by Ozzy and Lita: "Close My Eyes Forever".
  • Jasmine Holland - She sausaged herself into tight clothes and revealed no talent but quite a camel toe.
  • William Green - the cousin of Akron Watson couldn't sing at all, but had great personality and humor, demonstrated by his faked verbal attack on the judges.
  • Jacob Tutor - He must have thought he was going to auditions for "Deliverance II: Banjo Boy All Growed Up".
Least Favorite Moment

The "wrong door" montage. It really wasn't necessary to lock one of the audition room doors. The producers clearly set this up to just add a final degree of humiliation for the losers, as they try to slink away but can't get out. Icky.

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