Friday, February 09, 2007

Trainwreck Woman

Anna Nicole. What a surprise and yet not so much. Am I disgusted? Am I sad? Yes, yes. She was a train wreck to be sure but not quite Janis Joplin or Courtney Love. She was soft around the edges and yet a legitimate screw up, completely the inducer of her own misery. Was there any other realistic end for her after her son died? She was depressed and on drugs (although news casts were too chicken to say it; Q: “Was she abusing again?” A: “Well, obviously she’s seen here slurring her words. She’s clearly not exhibiting clarity.”)

Anna's mother claimed a while back that Daniel’s death was probably foul play and that Nicole could very well be next. There were, after all, those angry Richie Rich family members calling for her blood after she married all that money and then won the supreme court battle to keep it. And there were all those highly unhelpful clingons circling around her as well. We may need Agatha Christie (see above) to sort it all out. "Tsk tsk, this Anna Nicole," she seems to thinking.

The mystery doesn’t seem to be so much who killed Anna (herself most likely) but why she was so fearful of DNA tests regarding the paternity of her new baby. That seems to be the crux of this American cum Greek Tragedy. As it plays, it might give Oedipus a run for the money.

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