Friday, February 23, 2007

American Idol: The Boys Are Underwhelming

Our thoughts on the Idol boys (2-20-07):

Rudy Cardenas - "Free Ride"

Terry: Disappointing beginning to this new season. He's either merely a mediocre lounge lizard or he was suffering from a serious case of nerves.
Nerdia: He was trying too hard to be high-energy.
Coolia: He looks uncomfortable in his body. I think his head is too small for his body or something, and he sings like a girl. Corny song choice - even The Edgar Winter Dog was laughing.

Brandon Rogers - "Rock With You"

Terry: No flavor whatsoever.
Nerdia: How lackluster for him! Big disappointment.
Coolia: Decent, good control, and Brandon is likable.

Sundance Head - "Nights in White Satin"

Terry: Began singing thru his nose again, but relaxed as the song progressed and ended well but not extremely well.
Nerdia: Ridiculous! We made fun of it.
Coolia: Horrible song choice. I just hate that song, and he looked constipated.

Paul Kim - "Careless Whisper"

Terry: Paul - Uh, Paul. Come here. A little closer. Just a little closer....PUT SOME SHOES ON YOU FREAK! No one wants to share your fungus!
Nerdia: That fungus is called Ego.
Coolia: Yes, the barefoot thing just seems like an affectation. Muddy vocal.

Chris Richardson - "I Don't Wanna Be"

Terry: Finally someone showed some true spark and spunk. I dug it. And, that's saying something because I'm not a Justin Timberlake fan.
Nerdia: I can’t even remember this guy.
Coolia: He's cute and has great energy. He should make the Top 12.

Nick Pedro - "Now and Forever"

Terry: Hey, Nick. Lounge Lizards anonymous called and they're salivating at the number of new members they see lining up tonight.
Nerdia: All I remember is he was bad.
Coolia: I actually thought it was okay. But just okay.

Blake Lewis - "Somewhere Only We Know"

Terry: Yes! Now that's what I'm talkin' bout! Take a song and make it your own! And, for me, he even improved upon the original to boot. By far the best so far! I'm officially on the Blake bandwagon.
Me too. Thought it was very Morrissey and hip. Plus he showed professional facial gestures.
Coolia: Agreed - he reminded me of a Happy Morrissey. Loved the voice and the polished performance. Plus he's cute with great hair. He's my favorite of the boys.

Sanjaya Malakar - "Knocks Me Off My Feet"

Terry: In the immortal words of Homer J. Simpson, "Boring!" Was that a case of severe stage fright? Or, just completely stupidity in choice of song?
Nerdia: But he’s a real cutie-pie.
Coolia: Sanjaya is a harmless teen idol if ever I saw one. He could be the next Sajid Khan. How bad he sings doesn't matter right now - he'll sail into the Top 12.

Chris Sligh - "Typical"

Terry: Nowhere near as good as the original but he DID inject his personality into it. Because I dig this guy's personality I dug it.
Nerdia: I thought he was starting to show some arrogance. The diss on Simon was a dolt’s move.
Coolia: Christie Sligh was winning me back with his great vocal, but then he lost me by sassing Simon. Good on Simon for his "you could be a teletubby" retort!

Jared Cotter - "Back at One"

Terry: Nice. Not memorable but not completely forgettable
Nerdia: I was completely bored.
Coolia: He's good looking, but that was pretty pitchy.

A. J. Tabaldo - "Never Too Much"

Terry: Okay for Idol. Good lounge singer. Decent...but, only because so many of the other guys have so stunk up the joint.
Nerdia: Eh.
Coolia: Ordinary.

Phil Stacey - "I Could Not Ask For More"

Terry: Started out a bit weak but injected some emotion and then kicked it into high gear. My second favorite tonight, behind only Blake.
Nerdia: I can’t get my roomie’s drawing of Nosferatu out of my head.
Coolia: I didn't realize he was in the navy until now - he should milk that. Reminds me of a less talented Magni.

Final Thoughts

Terry: Overall, EXTREMELY disappointing!!
Nerdia: Where in the heck did all the talent go?
Coolia: It's up to the girls to save this season.

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