Monday, February 05, 2007

Helga...I Never Knew Thee

I spent last weekend with my Auntie Nerdia and I was oft reminded of my predecessor, the snarly former gubernatorial candidate Helga. Helga passed away in May of 2004 and although her portraits about Nerdia’s house were lovely, I heard many accounts that she was never a beotch to suffer fools and just about everyone was a fool in her book -- save a select few.

Myself, I am people puppy. But while I was luxuriating in front of the telly nibbling on turkey bits Nerdia’s significant roomie made for me, I noticed Nerdia was lovingly updating Helga’s memorial page which includes an impressive list of quotes about the most glorious species on Earth of which I'm a card-carrying member. Click below to read Helga’s collection of hilarious dog quotes such as:

Anybody who doesn't know what soap tastes like never washed a dog.-- Franklin P. Jones

This quote is particularly close to my heart as I was also forced to partake in a long bath last weekend at the hands of my doggie-sitters. It was my pleasure to make my obnoxious bath attendant eat some Lever 2000 before he released me from the tub-shaped prison looking all too much like a big wet rat.

Read more quotes about dogs:

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Anonymous said...

There is very little better than making someone eat soap while they are trying to keep us white. I take pleasure in this myself every chance I get. Its nice to meet someone who is so like-minded. Yao-Ling, the albino pekingese