Wednesday, February 28, 2007

American Idol - Girls Are Dedicated to Beating the Boys

In the American Idol battle of the sexes, the girls emerge victorious for a second straight week.

Gina Glocksen - "Alone"

Coolia: Dedicated to her boyfriend, who looks like a nice guy. I liked Gina more after this performance. It was gutsy to take on a Heart tune, and I like that she brings a little rock flava to a show in danger of being diva-dominated.
Art Haarper : Ehh.
Nerdia: I liked it. She's a good belter.

Terry - Looked like a giant sausage. Sung fairly well with her voicebreaking a few times but not bad overall. But not great either.

Alaina Alexander - "Not Ready To Make Nice"

Coolia: Dedicated to her ma. This was just okay, sorta wedding singer level.
Not too shabby but not very memorable.

Terry - She began fairly well but then fell apart in the middle and brought it back to respectability near the end. She's very pretty but she's out of her league here when it comes to singing talent.

Lakisha Jones - "Midnight Train to Georgia"

Coolia: Dedicated to her grandma, who looks pretty spry for 90. Lakisha picks another high degree of difficulty song and again scores what Paula would call a touchdown. Maybe not as showy as last week, but still shows she's a force to be reckoned with.
Barb: She should wear a longer skirt with her shape.
Art Haarper: Better than the last two, but not great.

Nerdia: Another score. I love her! She looks thinner!
Terry - Another star performance. Not incredible as last week but topnotch nonetheless.

Melinda Doolittle - "My Funny Valentine"

Coolia: Dedicated to her friends who act as her stylists. Well, it's not quite on a par with Constantine's version...but definitely my favorite performance of the night. Melinda shows so much confidence now - it's great to see. Great control and power. Plus she's extremely likable.
Barb: She's kinda strange looking, reminds me of Bettle Midler.
Art Haarper: The best yet.

Nerdia: Ick! Love the song but this one looks too old all ready...she doesn't need to be singing such an old song!
Terry - Now that's how you sing the low range!! Last week Lakisha threw down the gauntlet. This week Melinda picked it up and threw it back at her. Melinda and Lakisha in a duel to the Idol death!

Antonella Barba - "Because You Loved Me"

Coolia: Dedicated to the friends who uploaded her dirty pictures to the internet...whoops...actually to her brother. Well, the dress showed off her legs, even if it did remind me of The Brady Bunch. What hubris to take on a Celine song. She did better than last week but still came up way short, and the sass to Simon is never endearing, even if he was wrong to deny misjudging Jennifer Hudson (Yes, America sent her home but he did say Jennifer was out of her league on Idol...Barbara Walters just showed the clip the other night on her Oscars special).
Art Haarper: She had moments.

Nerdia: Did I miss Jennifer Hudson on Babba Wawwa?? Waaaa! This girl is so far from Jennifer Hudson, she should be slapped...and voted off pronto. What an idiot.
Terry - She did hit that one impressively sweet high note but overall she was pitchy and couldn't handle the song. And then to make matters worse she pulls the diva crap, attacking Simon and making her "fuck him" faces and eye rolls right after he had just showered Melinda with praise for being such a humble breath of fresh air. Just stupid! But not surprising; she projects that "It's all about me and I think way too highly of myself" air.But I'll miss the eye candy when she's gone (which will certainly be very soon).

Jordin Sparks - "Reflection"

Coolia: Tearfully dedicated to her brother. She looks pretty and seems very sweet and likable, and this was a powerful performance. Amazing poise for a 17 year old.
Art Haarper: I wasn't as impressed as the judges.

Nerdia: Good I guess...but dull. I thought the judges over-fawned over her.
Terry - Really good voice for someone so young (17!). Nice rendition, but she's no Xtina and she brought no originality. Lots of potential.

Stephanie Edwards - "Dangerously in Love"

Coolia: Dedicated to her parents, with an interesting story about how they forced her to audition. She had a great dress and really brought it.
Barb: I wasn't that impressed. She seemed all over the place.
Art Haarper: Not that good but then I don't know what Beyonce sounds like.

Nerdia: Good singer but the song was all over the place.
Terry - Very good voice but a boring song and, for me (sorry, Simon, I disagree wholeheartedly) a boring performance as well.

Leslie Hunt - "Feeling Good"

Coolia: Dedicated to her grandpa. This is a cool song, and it's nice to see someone bringing something jazzy to the show. However, the scat proves she's no Ella, and I think she could go home this week.
Barb: I'm not sure what to think.
Art Haarper: Seems ditzy.

Nerdia: Dissapointed this week. Was hoping she'd do a gutsy rock chick song to match her voice.
Terry - Seemed odd to me with a lame scat in there (you can not scat in such a lame fashion when someone like Blake is brilliantly doing it the night just makes you look silly). Nothing special or memorable (other than the bad scat).

Haley Scarnato - "Queen of the Night"

Coolia: Dedicated to her fiancee, who's a hottie. I'm glad to hear her try to rock out, but the Whitney song is a bit big for her.
Barb: I can't hear her. The background singers overpower her.

Nerdia: Not great but not as bad as the judges said.
Terry - Yet another performance from an Idol where the background singers over-powered the lead singer!

Sabrina Sloan - "All the Man that I Need"

Coolia: Dedicated to her grandma. This was a good performance. She's another belter.
Barb: She's good.

Nerdia: Hot! She's in to win.
Terry - Damn girl! She looked Lakisha and Melinda in the eya and said,"Make room for me babies!" She's so sexy and glamorous and has such an unconventional but incredible beauty to go along with a great voice. Wow!The total package.

Final thoughts

Coolia: It's going to be hard for some of these girls who are just good and seem nice to keep up with the uber-talented divas in this competition. I think Leslie, Haley, Gina,and Alaina are all vulnerable, but I predict Alaina and Haley will be going home.
Barb: I think Alaina and Antonella are going home.

Nerdia: I want Antonella to go home and don't get why America doesn't agree. I think the girls the season weighs all the way towards really great talent from the black ladies. I really hope we don't have a repeat of the Fantasia year where the black contestants were compromised with split votes due to honkeys only voting for talentless white chicks like Antonella. Sigh. Who am I kidding? I depress myself.
Terry -
At this point, it appears to be an all girl race to the finish because none of the boys have yet shown they are up to the task of taking down any one of the top 3 women -Melinda, Lakisha or Sabrina. I'm strugging with my picks this week. Going home: Antonell and Alaina.

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