Saturday, February 24, 2007

American Idol - The Girls Save the Season

Our thoughts on the Idol women (2-21-07):

Stephanie Edwards - "How Come You Don't Call Me"

Terry: Without question a really good jazz singer. Now, can she pull off a Harry Connick thing and make America interested.
Nerdia: Love'd her but I agree with Terry.
Coolia: Kinda boring, but a big finish. The judges raved.

Amy Krebs - "I Can't Make You Love Me"

Terry: Too subdued. Seemed as if she was singing the song but not projecting or emoting the real emotion of the song.
Nerdia: Beautiful, sweet girl but seemed vacant. Like Katharine McPhee.
Coolia: She looks like Jessica Biel, but this was boring.

Leslie Hunt - "Natural Woman"

Terry: Bland. Good voice but the background vocals completely overpowered her. But, I dug her raspy power ending.
Nerdia: I, too, dug the raspy voice.
Coolia: The song was a little too big for her, but she's likable. She's a dog walker - I give her points for being a dog person.

Sabrina Sloan - "I Never Loved a Man"

Terry: Looks-wise she reminded me of a Greek Cher with a deep tan. She's hot. Her vocals were more traditionally pure and powerful and I really liked that.
She did a great job and showed real idol savvy in strategy.
Coolia: She did a good job making the song her on, but there's something kind of icky about her.

Antonella Barba - "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing"

Terry: Physically the hottest and most naturally beautiful Idol to date. Bar none! Good voice but not a good song choice.
Nerdia: Bar Amy, who I thought was prettier. I'll never forgive Antonella for being bitchy in Hollywood. Or at least complacent to bitchiness. When two women gang up on a third…I can't get over it. I also found her New Jersey popular-girl video annoying. She should suffer. A kind of lingering suffering would be nice.
Coolia: I'm with Nerdia, and I think all the dirty pics that are surfacing are gonna doom this girl. Terrible song choice - did her "best friend" suggest it?

Jordin Sparks - "Gimme One Reason"

Terry: Powerful, compelling engaging and entertaining. One of the best so far. A bit too laid back in the first half of the song but definitely grew
stronger in the second half.
Nerdia: I can remember nothing about this performance.
Coolia: I've liked her in the past but this peformance was kind of boring. And all these flowy tops that Lane Bryant is pushing these days only make chubby girls look ginormous.

Nicole Tranquillo - "Stay"

Terry: Has the pipes and Taylor's herky jerky heartfelt spontaneous moves. The question is does America want to follow Man-Taylor with Woman-Taylor? Probably not.
Nerdia: I love Chaka Kahn and I love that Nicole could hit all these notes….very impressive. But maybe too much of a show-off for tonight. I squirmed when Randy told her she wasn't black enough to sing the song, though. She was missing convincing soul but so were some of the black ladies last season and no one would have dared to say that to them. But I said it last year ad nauseum.
Coolia: She looked possessed. She had crazy facial expressions. But, hey, at least it was something different and interesting.

Haley Scarnato - "It's All Coming Back to Me"

Terry: Too Broadway with to much breathy over sung, over projected singing and too much reverb.
Nerdia: Have to really jump into this song if you're gonna do it right. Haley did it wrong.
Coolia: Nice voice, but boring.

Melinda Doolittle - "Since You've Been Gone"

Terry: One of my favorites going in and she only further solidified herself. Going from scared meek little back-up singer to meek and humble yet much more confident singer. I love this girl!
Nerdia: I too love Melinda and am rooting for her to do well. However, she looks to old to be on this show.
Coolia: Like Terry, I really warmed to her during the audition process, and I was glad to see her deliver a powerhouse performance. She'll definitely make the Top 12.

Alaina Alexander - "Brass in Pocket"

Terry: Alaina - Two words, my dear, "Buh bye." What did she pick a Pretenders song that so obviously did not fit her at all!?
Nerdia: Nothing is so unfit for American Idol but The Pretenders.
Coolia: She's been annoying me through the auditions with her "if I don't make it my life is over" attitude. This performance was just not special enough.

Gina Glocksen - "All By Myself"

Terry: Too much lame low range "feeling" crap for me. I cant' stand badly done low range stuff. It verges on nails on a chalkboard for me. Conversely, her upper range power stuff was really good! She's the only "rocker chick" and they need that token.
Nerdia: Loved her blowing it out of the park at the end. Was the only diva to do the vocal high dive tonight.
Coolia: An appropriate song choice for the girl who so boldy declared she was only thinking of herself in the group performance round before kicking Perla "Charo Part II" Meneses to the curb. She's got power, but her personality is annoying.

Lakisha Jones - "I Am Telling You I Am Not Going"

Terry: Perhaps the most genuine and sincere heart in the entire competition (and that's saying something because Melinda is there). I came into this a fan (the single daddy in me just loves her single mommy story) and she absolutely blew me away. I actually got goose bumps.
Nerdia: I felt like we had just witnessed television history.
Coolia: Wow. I watched it 4 times. Triumphant! What a gusty move, singing Jennifer Hudson's tune, and she sung the crap out of it. She's the best thing to come out of Flint, Michigan since Michael Moore. I've never seen Simon smile so broadly.

Final Thoughts

Terry: Overall, the women were much better than the men. Too bad the judges can't just pick the final 12 and send the most disappointing of the men (who would be the majority) and women home and let us just enjoy the better singers.
Nerdia: I still think Brandon and Sanjaya will turn it around a bit. And look forward to what Chris and Leslie will bring. And laughing at Sundance.
Coolia: I was really worried after watching the boys, but the girls definitely saved the season. Lakisha has set the bar pretty high, but she could still fall into a Mandisa-sized sink hole if she doesn't show range.

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